Good day everyone!
I recently got this guitar Kaman GTX23 and the problem is that one saddle and arm from tremolo are missing. So I'm wondering is there is an opportunity to change bridge to Floyd Rose system without doing any work on guitars body? Or maybe you could suggest alternative floating bridge systems which will fit.
Thanks for help and answers!
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I did a Floyd conversion on the same guitar, there is definitely material to remove even if you don't flush mount it like I did. Also, the string breaks further back on the Floyd vs the Kaman saddles, which means you will not be able to set intonation properly on a couple strings unless you also move the studs+bridge toward the neck. I noticed markings for drill locations 1/2" neck-ward of the existing stud centers (same body was used for GTX 33, the 24-fret Floyd version). Since I had already routed everything when I discovered this, I shortened the neck 1/4" instead. It all works now, but it was a bit of a pain.

I hated the fine tuners on the Kaman bridge (that's why I did the conversion), but in retrospect I would have kept the stock setup had I known the conversion would be that much work. If you want something easier to live with, do away with the nut locks and get a Fender type bridge. I can't tell you what parts will fit though. If you'd prefer to keep the stock setup, PM me where you're located, and maybe I can send you the parts I took off that you are missing.
runriot_z28Hello I have a GTX 33 & the Bridge that's an Odd Floyd type system well one of the saddles broke & I can't find a replacement part to fit it's got a Roller in the Saddle would you know where I could get one of those saddles for the kaman Gtx 33? I bought an after market Floyd Rose but it's not going to work unless I do some mods & from what you just said that makes me want to stay w/the Kaman Trem system IF I can find parts??? Any Help would be greatly Appreciated. WM4U
BigYankBAll Hey do you still have that Kaman GTX 33 Gtr? If you went w/another bridge I'df really like to buy the Old one for parts I have a GTX 33 & one of the Saddles Broke & I can't find any replacement parts for it . Thanks btw I bought an After market Floyd Rose unit but I'd rather go w/original so I don't have to do any mods…Thanks maybe we could trade Trems?
stevereedrocks I gave the other guy a roller saddle so he could complete his stock setup. I thought the GTX 33 had a standard Floyd style, and the 23 had the unusual Kaman bridge. But whatever, Google some pics of the different setups and if you think the GTX 23 saddle will work for you, PM me your address and I'll send you one as well.
Hello, I have a Kaman GTX 23, I need to replace the bridge, could you recomend a bridge to replace the original. I need a bridge thats is a direct replacement.