Hello people!

I've been with some trouble with my Boss adapter. I use it to power my TU-3, and from there it also powers my super shifter and my digital delay. But now, it doesn't power any pedal, and the LED of the adapter blinks. When i get the chain out of the tuner, it goes ok, but just powers that pedal, of course. The same thing happens with other pedals. Do I need a new power chain? Why is the LED acting like this? I couldn't find any evidence on why does the LED blinks.

Thank you in advance for any answer
is there a fusible link or circuit-breaker like you might find on a surge protector or GFCI outlet? Perhaps a safety feature has been tripped
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That power supply is only capable of supplying 200mA. Add up the current requirements of your pedals and make sure your demand isn't higher than 200mA. You would have been better off buying a One Spot, which can provide up to 1700mA of current.

If your current requirement is under the 200mA max, then it's possible your 230S has a problem.
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