Can anyone tell me where I can find the chords and lyrics to "My Name is America" Performed by Todd Allen Herendeen and written by Kurt Orning. I've searched UG and many other places on the 'net with no luck.

Poked it out in like a minute or so just because I like your username.

Bb Gm Bb Gm
Dm F
Dm Eb F

That's the basic verse progression, or something like that, I'm not 100% on that first F, but if you keep kind of messing with that basic progression you should be amble to American ingenuity it all out.

Bridge is Abm - Gm

You can thank me by remembering the "Now my doors are always open" line next time you're talking about immigration.
Just to be clear, I was trying to work it out as well, 'cause I'm such a swell guy. I had the Bb and Gm and then got distracted though.
That mans vibrato is ****ing weird.

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