how do YOU mod yr ice cream? in this thread we will discuss all things ICE CREAM MODS 🍨

-do YOU believe ice cream is more enjoyable when its pure or modded? is the effort worth it to YOU???
-iyo what is the BEST ice cream mod in 2k15?
-you are with a hunny and it's POST-DINNER (see GARLIC vs. ONION thread for meal ideas i got u pal) & u wanna seal the deal so u can finally hold hands: do you think YOUR modded ice cream recipe is impressive enough to get the job done or do u cry?
-be kind & share YOUR mods w/ e.o. here is one of my #classics:

the OFFICIAL minterman22 "fake greek affogato"
step 1: add 1 heaping teaspoon of LOUMIDIS PAPAGALOS ground coffee & water to a BRIKI
step 2: warm on medium-heat stirring until the coffee dissolves into the water
step 3: STOP stirring and let the coffee brew. it will begin to foam at the top rapidly when it's ready & that's where the YUM is
step 4: scoop a buncha FRENCH VANILLA ice cream into a clear glass 1 for u 1 for ur hunny xo
step 5: let everything chill for a sec so you don't straight up MELT the ice cream yknow but pour the coffee over the goods eventually and try not to mix it all up or anything for PRESENTATION yknow let it find its own way down the glass ya gotta impress alright lets go NOT TOO MUCH or else yull be serving some sloppy mess i mean its still yum but yknow
step 6 (optional): crush a PAPADOPOULOS BISCUIT (ok classless shortcake biscuits permitted) in a paper towel and pour it over the ice cream to add TEXTURE (esp if it's too sloppy yeah)
step 7 (essential): shave 75% cocoa BELGIAN CHOCOLATE over and serve with a SPOON

xoxo enjoy/discuss/SHARE 🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨

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step 7 (essential): shave 75% cocoa BELGIAN CHOCOLATE over and serve with a SPOON

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