I put a new song in my music website called "Forever Today" (the one on top). Please tell me how you like this song and how it can be improved; and I will return the favor, I promise! Here is the link:


Side note: found out my song "Space Rocket to Mars!" got played on an internet radio show on March 29th on Skycast Radio at this link:


I'm the tenth band that got played on that show. You can hear it at 45:43 by skipping ahead (click on the soundcloud player bars). It will be available there until April 12th, then it gets archived (still playable).
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So, listening to Forever Today. The vocals are pretty decently performed in most parts, but I feel some parts your voice kind of looses the oomph from your chest, particularly when you go for higher notes/louder vocals.

Are as for the instruments and synths going on, not my personal style, but I can definitely respect it. The kick and snare DEFINITELY need to be more present in the mix, in electronic music drums aren't an accessory - they are the most important part of the track. That kick should be pushing deep into my chest and the snare should be cracking my back.
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If you want, I can mix/master your tracks for free just so I can practice and who knows, maybe you'll love what you hear! Hit me up.
Aaron, good stuff. You have a knack for layering samples. The song flows very nicely. A few things I would work on - 1) the drums need to be more present in the mix. I feel like it would sound cool if right before the vocals start, the drums amplify a quite a bit. They're just a little lost in the mix. 2) Find your vocal range. I can tell you have a decent singing voice but in some parts I can tell you're straining to hit the high notes. Maybe just work on your phrasing a bit so that you stay within your range. Overall, very nice song. Love the structure and the sampling going on here. Keep It up!

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Pretty cool stuff man. Not my thing normally although for some reason it slightly reminds me of some of the music they play at Slimelight (alt/goth club) in London... I'm not sure why.

Grats on the radio play also!

Nice song! I like the eighties vibe you create throughout the song! Your vocal can get a bit pitchy(?) at times, but I'm a fan of your vocals. I have said before that they remind me of Roger Waters, but you've got a personal touch that really makes it cool. Like the guitar solo in there as well.
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i like the vive of the song, my usual kind of music, but it's mellow so in the right mood it'd be great not that it's not good! as for critiques i'd suggest blending the vocals in a bit more into the song, and make the drums a bit more punchy as well.
Nice electronica effects. Not my usual thing, but it flows well. Synths sound quite lush, I'm curious about what VST's you used?

Vocals feel a little weak though, as if the notes aren't being "latched on" right, as if there's a bit of movement around the note.

Guitar solo is nicely done.

I agree with what some posters suggested, that the drums need to be boosted a bit. Also, vocals a bit on the loud side, solo too.

If anything, the vibe of the song reminds me a bit of Joe Satriani's "Engines of Creation" album, I wonder if you have heard it?
Not typically my style of music, but some of the movements you make in the piece are interesting, and you transition between them well.

It feels like you arent opening up on your vocals though, making them sound strained. The notes don't sound out of your range, so I doubt it is a range limitation and more that you werent letting your vocal performance get as loud as it needs in order to really fill out those notes. It felt like you just weren't comfortable letting yourself push the notes out that loudly. Open up a bit more and that vocal performance will go from well done to something really stand out.

Keep it up man. Im listening to the rest of the tracks on your playlist as well, to show some love.
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Thank you for listening and commenting, I appreciate it! For "Forever Today", about half of the synths are discoDSP Discovery Pro (sometimes discoDSP gives me publicity plugs on their company twitter and facebook pages), and about half Arturia Analog Lab (Prophet-VS, CS80-V, Mini Moog-V, Moog Modular-V). There is also a little bit of Humanoidsounds Scanned Synth. I'm familiar with Joe Satriani (I like several of his songs), though not familiar with the 'Engines of Creation' album. Perhaps I have heard songs from that album though. I've been at Michael Anthony's (bassist/singer from Van Halen & Chickenfoot) (when he was home) house long ago when he lived in Glendora, California (I lived in that city for a long time).
Hi man forever today is a nice track, love the intro it is very space themes imo, reminds of Metroid prime! Also kind of reminds me of David bowie too. I think your the up beat part of this song is the best part! nice catchy vocal melody!
Agreed with the other, kind of 80s vibe on the whole thing. Also reminds me a bit in composition of the newest Deep Purple album, but with less keys haha.

I couldn't help feeling like the tracks aren't "wide", like everything is center panned, even the guitars.
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Just listened to it, Forever today has a very electric vibe, makes me think of that thing the makes your hand stand when you touch it in physics class haha, lovely!
Listening to "Forever Today".
0:28 flutey/chimey lead thing - kinda bland maybe too up in the mix, or play with a bit more controller variation, or maybe I like to hear it with a bit more bite or played on a stringed instrument for more human feel. Hey, if you want give me the notes I'll throw it in on guitar

The vocals are not quite there in my opinion, I'd probably like a bit more sleazy Cure or Depeche delivery.

They kinda fluctuated a bit in quality of delivery. Maybe play around and chop them a bit on a sampler or do some weird fx tricks to them or more weird fx tricks I should say

2:00 that hihat really scared me, kinda loud, maybe intended?

Ending kinda just hung there for me, it was a bit unfinished the way it stopped. I'd probably double that and drop the drums on the last one but that's me.

I wouldn't mind hearing real bass guitar on this on top of what you have.

Well, my 2c. Not a bad piece by any means.
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Cool Electronic intro! Good development on the ideas, simple melodies. I'm getting a kind of "Radio Gaga" vibe on the 16th note electronic lines Maybe just watch some of the pitching on the longer notes? I like the guitar chords around 1:30, and the electric guitar stuff is nice!

Very different to what I would usually listen to. Keep up the good work
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All of the above Aaron.You spend so much time getting the music right and then let yourself down on a few vocal parts.I've listened to a lot of you tracks/songs and it's always the same.You lose confidence when you put the vocal track down,but only at a few points.80%+ of the vocals are always in-key.
Human beings can forgive a few backing track faults but the"Voice" is what we hear everyday in speech etc so if it's out-of-tune,we notice.Where you know you are weak:practice just that part over and over until you are confident.You have already nailed the rest
If the part is tricky then fake it by disguise e,g shorten the word or slur it like you would a guitar riff ;-)

I've played live in a lot of bands over the years and you'd be surprised how man new lyrics I've sung to,"Rolling Stones" numbers when I couldn't remember the verse,but I could always remember the tune/metre and when the bridge and chorus come in<BFG> and the audience don't care,so long as it's,"In-Tune"

Q:What's the difference between and amateur and a professional?

A:Professionals get paid for faking it ;-)
Forever today:
Really cool style dude! Its like ive never heard anything like it. The synth bass under the solo... man.
As for the production, i think the vocals would fit the track better if it was more procesed and less dry. (For example a radio effect, more reverb etc).
Hi AA. Thanks for your comment on my track. First off, the rate at which you seem to upload material is impressive- keep it up! This is, as always, well put together and sensibly mixed/balanced. The vocal melodies are very good but it sounds like you're holding something back. Either go for a deadpan delivery, which would work, or really go for it. At the moment it is somewhere in between. As I say I think the melodies are great and this could be amazing with the vocals cleaned up. I loved the guitar from around 1:55- really out there and interesting. Keep it up my friend.
Hello there.

As others have said, this is a really impressively recorded and mixed track. I would agree that the kick and snare could do with a little more impact - at times they get crowded out by the synths I think. On the subject of the synths, I really liked the use of them. The arpeggio bit really works well.

The vocals arent really my style but I didnt notice any bits that seemed off.

Very unique style. I loved the synth panning back and forth throughout the mix. as far as the mix goes i think the drums could be brought up just a bit but other than that it was good! keep up the good work.