learn theory from a book/website where you can read the content as many times as you like and at your own pace - it'll be worded better and more complete as it won't be someone trying to squeeze a load of information into a few minutes' worth of video

just my opinion though
A really good youtube channel is Creative Guitar Studio with Andrew Wasson he is great at explaining things and showing how to practice and apply music theory
I think it's pretty hard to learn theory on Youtube as most channels don't have a set beginning and ending so it makes it kind of hard. But, I came across this channel; Karen Cuneo Ramirez. She teaches theory using the piano, but you'll understand it all the same. She's a fantastic teacher. Best theory I've come across on Youtube.
Andrew Wasson is a hero. You can check out one of his vids and spend weeks working on the content.
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I've seen so many, including Andrew. Have to say, Pebber Brown is the Best.

His lessons start with the most basic to advanced.

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John Oswin's YouTube series was what did it for me. I found his explanations absolutely, brilliantly clear. I learned more music theory by watching his videos than everything else put together.