So I have Pro Tools 11 and a newly purchased Scarlett 2i2 interface. When I arm a new track for recording, I can hear the signal coming from the mic just fine, the level meters move, everything is all peaches and gravy.

However, once I press 'record' the signal goes dead, the time bar begins scrolling across, but no new track of audio is made. It is simply a scrolling bar with nothing following.

At first I thought this was an issue with the Scarlett, but I tried using my laptop's built in mic and had the same results.

How can I get Pro Tools to record playback audio?
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Not sure what you mean by "playback audio". I imagine you mean record a track from your interface, say input1?

I'm not sure of their current licensing, I remember they had some versions that only work with their hardware, so does yours so that it works with Scarlett?

Is there anything in the PT manual for this audio card? See if you can find setup walkthrough.

If so, maybe take a look at the audio driver configuration in PT.
Hmm, I haven't seen that issue before. Try a couple of things:

Toggle between 'Set Record Tracks to Auto Input' and 'Set Record Tracks to Input Only' in the Track drop down menu

Make sure your Scarlett is the Playback Engine (should be, since you're metering prior to recording)

Just for the hell of it, go to the i/o (Setup dropdown menu). Delete everything in the first three tabs (input, output and bus) and then default them. Sometimes that will solve some i/o issues.

Try browsing the Pro Tools preferences to see if there is any option that could be related to what you're experiencing.
If you bought PT a short time ago you can send a free mail to their support account.
If you have had PT a while I wouldn't even bother for paying for support, they don't officially support the scarlett 2i2 and they probably also don't support the pc you're working on, so once the question gets too hard they will just close your case without notice.