Heya everyone!
Currently new to the forums, first thread here (and my first thread in pretty much any forum ever)!

Well.. I'm kinda stuck over here. I'm a person that loves to write song lyrics, also singing is a big hobby to me but I don't really play an instrument myself.
Me and a bunch of friends now spontanously decided to found a band together, so far so good (We'll start playing together in '16 though, so it's still a good while).

Now I thought about writing one or to songs we could play together, which isn't much of a problem in the first place, but I have no clue about how to make this song actually playable for the other instruments (Which would be an e-guitar, e-bass and drums), since I, as mentioned before, don't play any instruments myself.
So what now? Should everyone just play.. Anything until it somehow works out? I'm kind of lost there..
So do you have a piano at home?

Because just learning some standard chords can be a great help when you want to compose something. I guess your friends have a certain skill level so they should easily be able to handle a rather simple song (the drummer anyway). I mean, one can make every song very easy (besides some stuff like Bohemian Rhapsody, but I think you're not heading in this direction). Hope you have some use of this.
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So do you have a piano at home?

Sadly not, but we have an acoustic guitar here.
I'll figure something out though, thanks for the tip!
If you don't play an instrument and can't read music, it's going to be difficult for you to write melodies. Having a cheap keyboard and knowing the notes would be a big help. As already suggested, having a keyboard and knowing some chords would be an even bigger plus. Knowing a little theory would be the icing on the cake.

My recommendation would be to buy a small digital recorder. Tascam makes several different models, which are great for this purpose. I bought a Tascam DR-05 a few months ago. I use it for capturing songs during practice sessions with my group. With something like that, you would be able to record lyrics and melodies. These could later be transcribed into lyrics with chord names in the appropriate places. It's an idea...
That sounds like a great idea! I already have a recorder though, I guess I'm going to buy a keyboard soon then.
I guess I could also make use of the acoustic guitar I am already owning somehow, just gotta get into learning to play it for a while.
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Having a cheap keyboard and knowing the notes would be a big help.

How many keys should the keyboard have at minimum, though?
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How many keys should the keyboard have at minimum, though?

If you just wanna right the basic melodies, 40+ keys should work

But if I were you I would honestly leave the rest of the band to writing songs. I think if the only job the singer has is singing he/she should give feedback to the rest of the band about the song but they do not need to write it.