I would love some info on wiring my two lipstick pickups along with my humbucker with a 5 way fender style select switch. From someone elses previous soldiering job, the white wires are soldiered to the switch and the red wires are hanging free with ground soldiered to earth ground, just like the humbucker. The humbucker works great, but the two lipsticks aren't producing any sound. Any ideas?

[EDIT] Well it still looks like I am having issues with these pickups. Are these danelectro lipstick pickups passive? I have to crank my amp up to hear them clearly.

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Can't make heads or tails of that wiring, pretty messy.

Had to do some looking, here's what I found.

Hook white and braided to ground (usually a pot housing), red to 5 way switch.

Braided wire is a housing ground, other 2 are both ends of the wire if I understand it correctly...anyway, found a couple of different instructions to wire them that way, and a couple of replies that it was correct.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
switch the shielded ground and hot lead wires is my first assumption as process of elimination is important. You can use a multimeter to determine in most cases what wires work where. But since the whole housing of the lipstick pickup is metal this isn't helpful.

I can imagine passive. I've yet to see an active lipstick pickup but there clearly is enough room for an operational amp and some Surface mounted components. if you've never tried lipstick pickups before they tend to be pretty low in output. It's why they are a bit of an anomaly today as everything is single coils and humbuckers.

common wiring issues
cold solder joints
loose connections (especially the middle contact of the volume to the input jack)
shielding issues where any bare wire touches the paint inside the guitar
*raise the pickups height if you can to get louder sounds, there will be a large contrast compared to the humbucker though.

hopefully we could help
Thanks for the replies, I was just wondering why I was getting really low output out of these pickups. A former teacher of mine had danelectros but I don't recall if they had a preamp. Anyway, I will see if I can make one or find one for this guitar.
A preamp won't fix the issue. If the humbucker is loud enough but the lipstick pickups aren't, there is something wrong with the wiring. The lipstick pickups should be only a bit quieter than the humbucker. You absolutely do not need an external preamp to use lipstick pickups.

You said the red wires are just floating - that's not ideal. Try connecting them with the hot signal and then with the ground, see what happens. You can do all this with the pickguard outside the guitar as you pictured it, just plug in to the amp while you're working on it and tap the pickups with a screwdriver or some other piece of metal to hear their output. I would suggest wiring the pickups straight to the output jack right away. It will let you figure out which wires should go to hot and which to ground, and will give you an idea of their correct output.

As was said above, that wiring is not very clean and I wouldn't be surprised if something isn't connected all the way. Check the connections at the switch and the pot.
got an easy solution if you want a consistency between the pickups. So pretty much this lowers the % of output from the humbucker.

I would suggest a 0.022uf to 0.047uf vicinity

mylar capacitors i suggest for material wise. The thai ones that are 1$ for like 15 or so are what I use for this mod. Here's a look at what it looks like. If not lower the pickup height or try something more vintage sounding.

That's not a solution for this problem. If the lipstick pickups are so quiet you have to crank the amp to even hear them then it's obviously not just a balance issue.