Hi all,

I have a Cry baby 95Q with auto-return. I broke the spring and she is always stay on.

I order a new spring, no problem for that.

Where i have a problem is how to install it, do i have to remove the pedal at the top to get access to the screw ?

Is someone have change that on your cry baby ? how you make it ?

That's for the answer and sorry for my poor English

I know this reply is late and you probably have replaced your spring already but I thought I would answer this for anyone else replacing the spring in the future.

If you look at your pedal where it hinges you will see one side has a flat end on the hinge and one side has a pointed end. What I did was place the pedal in a vice with the pointed side of the hinge facing upward, I used a piece of timber on both sides of the pedal to protect it from the vice, tightened the vice and used a punch and hammer to tap the hinge through, It will take a little force but don't go too hard, just gradually increase the impact untill the hinge starts to punch through. once it is loose you can use a screwdriver to tap it through the other side if your punch won't fit through the hole. Hope this helps anyone looking for this information.