Wassup, metalheads!

I need advice to purchase a new amp and maybe a distortion pedal. I currently own a VOX VT100 and lately it feels like it is not cutting it for the genre I play, which is heavy metal. I hook it up with a MXR Super Badass Distortion and a Micro Amp booster for soloing, pretty simple, but it sounds too thin, without body, especialy on the mid-low and low frequencies. I'd like to know what gear I could think of buying to achieve a bigger and clearer sound, on both amplifier and distortion pedal. Here are some of my band's influences: Pantera, Megadeth, Steel Panther, Slipknot, Angra, Trivium, Dream Theatre.

It would be a COMBO amp, a stack or half-stack would be a complete overkill for my current situation.

thanks a lot!
C@rlo$ 0wn3$
you'd be surprised how much of the sound comes from your hands and choice of notes or tuning. Your best bet is to use what your favorite guitarists are using. Google say what your favorite era of say megadeth is using, trivium or whatever.

You don't necessarily need a 100+ watt but a guitar processor can go a long way if you haven't got one. It's no fun using it by itself but it can help push your amplifier to the limit. The line 6 pod is a popular choice the more recent the better I can imagine.

besides that for the heavier sound
a high output bridge pickup which you may already have (it doesnt have to be active)
the bridge pickup closer to the strings
you can turn down the volume to about 5 or so and get a darker sound when needed
if you've got a floyd rose equipped guitar a brass big block helps
.. some ideas like that.
I use a dimebucker for bridge and invader for neck on a schecter omen extreme with licenced floyd rose bridge, I've used it on other amps and it can achieve a pretty fat and heavy sound by itself
From memory the SBD does scooped metal tones pretty well at bedroom levels but I'm not surprised it washes out at volume.

The VT100 won't break a sweat punching out the tones you're after once it's being fed right .. so I'd be looking at a preamp if I were you. Something like this:
Charvel / Godin / Peavey / Marshall / AMT