I want to learn all the scales, yet there is so may of them ad I just want to play!!!

I do want to be able to solo all over my neck without hitting wrong notes.

Best advice?
Start with basic major and minor scales. From there, move on to the variations like harmonic and melodic minor, and the modes like. Learn which note is where on the fretboard, don't focus limit yourself scale shapes and patterns.

It's important to understand what you're playing, not just knowing what notes you are using - so I'd recommend not just learning scales, but actually learning some music theory. It'll teach you how chords, notes and scales relate to each other, and how the scales actually work.

Also, I think it's better to post it in https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=8 , since this is a music theory question and not a guitar technique question.
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It is important to note that even though scales might help you with this, the best way to develop good improvising abilities is through training your ear, and connecting your ear to your instrument.

This can be done in many ways, singing the scales and arpeggios are one. Learning things by ear from records and learning to sing them over the chords is another. A great exercise for being able to play over anything is playing the chords you are planning so solo over, one by one, and try to sing lines in key over those. This gets very hard if you are dealing with weird chord changes. But it will help you develop your ear to find good notes to play over the chords and play through chord progressions.
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