Some of those chords sound pretty wrong.. but then again that could be the midi quality. Nevertheless you should check and see if there are any tighter voicings you could've use.

In theory I like your ideas. In reality I think you could pull this off a little better. The other two tracks on your Paradigm City sound cloud have that extra something I'm talking about.

Trapped in Amber sounds a little like a bunch of riffs thrown in a blender, and while that can work (I've loved some pretty cool, but totally nonsensical bands in my time) you could do with chopping what you think is the weakest riff and expanding on one of the remaining ideas.

Don't get me wrong, I like what you're going for here! But sometimes writing music is more about getting rid of the riffs you love to make room for something even more kick ass. Something that probably wouldn't have a chance to shine otherwise. Know what I mean?
This may be personal preference talking but I think that breakdown at bar 49 is slowing things down quite a bit. I'd stick in a more driving riff to pull the song through to the melodic section just after.

The breakdown could work somewhere else, but right there? I'm not feeling it. Shame really, 'cause I like how the phrase flows across the bar