Hi Guys sorry for the noob questions , Right now Im copying the sounds of Randy Rhoads, Van Halen & also Dimebag . I want to know what Equalizer set up that they use (or much closer in their sounds) ..can u guys guide me what exact setup by the way Im using Boss Ge-7 and Boss BE-5M the one have orverdrive/Distortion Effects .... coz i really like the sounds setup of cowboys from hell song is so crispy sounding even he use palm muting .. thank
Firstly, use this thread for some help: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=33315927&highlight=ultimate+settings+thread#post33315927

Secondly, tones from those chaps are more from the amp, the guitar, and their playing rather than the EQ. All amps are not created equal, and EQ's aren't either.

Thirdly, if you want a rough estimate on how to get the tones conventionally (or at least how I would do it)...

Rhoads: Boost a heavy, very tight crunch amp setting with a TS9 or like overdrive, cut some of the highs. Use the boost to push the amp to saturation. Crank mids, a bit of bass and add back bit of treble.

EVH: Boost a mildly heavy, mildly tight/a very small bit loose setting with an Echoplex booster of sorts (OD plus very subtle delay). Use a bit more of the "wet" (delay) signal then the dry signal (5% more). Put all EQ to max, a little bit less on bass. Use the front-end of the amp and the boost of the upper frequencies to drive the amp to saturation.

Dimebag: Boost a very heavy, tight amp setting with a TS9 or like OD, volume on the boost at max, gain boosting to saturation. Add a little bit of highs with the boost. Set bass near max, mids around 2.5 o' clock, highs about 3 o' clock.

Again, it's really the amp that does most the work. And it doesn't seem like you have an amp (or at least a nice enough amp to mention.) An amp like the Peavey 6505 could probably very much assist you in getting these tones, but you'll also want to have a standalone TS9 (digital distortions may not work like the analog counterpart).

EQ shouldn't be used as a 3-parameter combination for tones, it should be used to add or take away frequencies that your guitar needs to sound good within a mix.
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Thanks a lot in that info sir...as for the amp im only using cheap amp made in the Philippines is called RAGE amp..I see a lot of Guitarist dont use EQ specially Vai, Satriani & Gilbert did you advice to use it or not?
Use EQ if you need to. If you guitar doesn't have much umph to it, roll up some bass. If it's too muddy, take out some bass. If you aren't cutting through the mix, add some mids. If it's too present, take out some mids. Not enough spark and chime? Add some highs. Too much spark and chime? Take out some highs.

Guitarists with signature sounds might have a certain frequency range accented. Rhoads accents lower mids, EVH accents middy-mids and upper mids, Darrel accents lows/lower mids and a bit of top end (with more saturation so it all kinda blends).

http://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/peavey-rage-258-guitar-amplifier-with-transtube-technology#productDetail Is this your current amp? If so, you might want to look into upgrading in the future. Maybe a Peavey Tube 60.
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