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Just curious really, I get the impression a lot of us probably don't much any more sadly.

I'll pick up my acoustic from time to time and have a quick noodle, but maybe...15-30 minutes a week? If that.

I haven't plugged my electric in since...October, which was when I last played a gig.

I've also not been anywhere else other than 'The Pit' on this forum in years frankly.
I still play guitar pretty much everyday. Mostly acoustic, though I'm trying to form a band at the moment, so my electric should be seeing some more action soon. My electric I know pretty much only use when I'm playing with my old band (I moved quite far away from them about a year and a half ago), which is once every 3 or 4 weeks. That or I'm recording something that needs some distorted guitar.

I'm also picking up a bass this weekend, so I'm going to be playing bass as well.
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Almost everyday.

And I'm still a frequent tabber.

Edit: Maybe about 4 hours a week. If I'm tabbing something, bump that up to a good... 8-12 maybe?
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Half an hour per 3 days a week
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I play fairly often. maybe about 3 hours a week.
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Honestly I seldom have time for/feel the need to play lately. Maybe two to three times a week for a total of about 30 minutes or so.

I stopped playing much when I went from listening to (mostly) rock to (mostly) classical music and jazz. Most music I would play earlier bores me now and the music that doesn't is more or less unplayable on guitar. Or maybe I've just grown up...
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I just bought a new bass a month ago so yeah, I still play frequently, actually, too much probably
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It would appear perhaps I am in the one in the minority then

You mean a guitar forum is full of guitarists?!

My playtime ranges from 0-4 hours per week, depending on if I'm motivated. It's recently gone back down to 0 hours after I learned whatever I was learning.
I am a professional musician but I don't really play guitar.
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Almost every single day, if I go more than a week without a guitar accessible then I seem to get really strong urges and generally end up finding a guitar shop to go to.
I play often. I was recently accepted to two universities after successful guitar auditions, one of whom has offered me a total of $13,000 in annual scholarships + a one time $1250 scholarship
About an or or two a day average.

I need to listen to more music I think though.
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Yea, mostly acoustic tho, and the nylon type at that. Want to do more cool finger picking stuff cos I've always lacked in that area
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Probably 3-4 hours a week, if I was still in my band you could double that.
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I play bass for maybe an hour or two per week. Maybe.
I don't have a ton of free time and I have other hobbies that take priority over it.
A bit more often recently. Mainly just my acoustic though, hardly every plug my electric in. 2-3 hours a week maybe?
I recently bought myself an expensive guitar just so I could motivate myself to play more.

Alas it worked! I stopped for about 1-2 years, now i'm back playing 1-2 hours per day, take occasional days off however.

I regret stopping for those 2 years so god dam much!
At least 30 mins a week, although often more than that. If I get home and no one else is home I like to play electric. Otherwise I'll mess around on my acoustic while on youtube/the internet/UG.
I've been playing a lot more over the past few months. Albeit, it's only about 4-6 hours a week at best because of being busy with school/work/moods-of-not-wanting-to-do-anything.

Edit: I don't know where I get 4-6 hours a week. It's closer to about 10 hours a week.
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Not really but I still try to play once in a while. I'm having more fun recording shit and playing with that now.
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At least a half hour a day, plus I started teaching full time back in January. So 6-8 hours a day, and usually between 1-4 on my days off to spend some time on personal projects and building curriculum for my students. Teaching has really tightened up and reinvigorated my playing. I also play bass in a band thats starting to take off, so about 6 hours a week of bass.

tldr: so usually a lot, but at least a half hour a day of leisurely noodling, not including work.
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You mean a guitar forum is full of guitarists?!

I only ask as when I joined this site back in '06 I'd play about 2 hours a day everyday, but that has considerably waned. Especially since graduating...
I play a bit, about half an hour every few days but nothing intensive.

My mate has asked me to start a pop punk band with him though which is something I'd super enjoy and might get me back into playing if I've got something to play for if you get me.

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Maybe you guys just need some motivation...some new gear or yeah a gig is good
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Maybe you guys just need some motivation...some new gear or yeah a gig is good

New gear is cool, but it doesn't satisfy you for long.
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4 hours a week but it's to get to know my gear better because I like mixing live more than anything else nowadays.
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I'll usually play at least an hour and a half a day. Guitar has gotten more entertaining for me since I've gotten a lot better at playing and bought better gear.
At least a half hour a day I play a few songs or something, I'm not very motivated when it comes to learning theory, it's too much like school.
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