I suggest the danelectro fish n chips over whatever behringer.

You may put it in front or in the FX loop but I'd suggest the latter.

Telephone line bandwidth goes from 300Hz to 3400Hz, so simply cut the rest.
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Dano Fish n Chips

Here's the curve:

It's called a psophometric filter, if you want to research it further.
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A lot of people talk crap on cheap danos, but I've seen fish and chips pedals get passed around like am obese midget on prom night and still pump out noiselessly through the dozenth-some player. I was the second owner, noiseless and does the job, y'know?
That Behringer pedal is great sound-wise but purely sucks if you plan to ever step on it.
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the dano will outlive the behringer. dano isn't bad for a low budget if you are easy on it. behringer on the other hand, i just wouldn't get one if you plan to... use... it.