Well first of all you've gone wrong by not believing in yourself. That post should read "We love it but what do you think?" not "It's terrible, how do we get better?"

I get what you're driving at, but a little confidence goes a long way.

Honestly? I think the song is pretty rocking to be fair.
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Firstly, agreed with Of Wolves. Be more confident about your own music and everyone will do so

Actually I didn't find much more things to improve. Maybe I missed a bit more of variation in the vocal lines and more raw power in the vocals for some sections (especially after the first 2 minutes; it might add up better to the beast sounding behind it)

Otherwise, the recording is very well rounded and everything sounds in its right place. It's well performed, vocals included (other than the things mentioned above)and it's energetic and in-your-face. Pretty enough for me for a song like yours to rock!

Keep on working and release more songs!
I agree with the other guys in this thread, be confident in your music!

The track tiself really pops for me! It sounds good and is very professionally recorded, definitely had my foot tapping along!

The only improvement I could suggest would be to adjust the bass tone a bit. It cuts through the mix well at present, but it could be so much more; maybe adding a little more low-end.

Looking forward to more material!
At work so can't listen, but this thread would be better in the Recording forum - that's where threads relating to improving mixes etc should be.
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