I recently started to think about selling my old guitars and buy a new one that would do it's service for a longer period of time. My first choice was an ltd h-401 because it was relatively cheap and some of the best shredders prefer it (I think Andy James signature is almost identical to that one) but it has been discontinued and it's hella hard to find used ones, let alone new
so my next shot was an LTD EC-1000, but it its no longer available in my nearest shop so LTD H-1001fm took my attention. It looks pretty similar to H-401 that i wanted in the first place and it also a bit cheaper than EC. I would like to know how LTd h-1001 compares to other two.
I would mostly play metal and shredy solo sections (24 frets are very important to me and I'd prefer kinda playable/thin neck and wouldn't like it to be pain in as to play on higher frets)
H1001 is awesome. It's pretty much the best guitar I own. And one of the best I have ever owned. That includes 76' les paul custom black beauty, Parker fly deluxe and ESP custom shop Serpent that was over 3 grand. Without going mental with your money and grabbing a ESP horizon the H1001 is the next best thing.
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