Hi, I am fairly new to modding guitars, and I have a question about wiring it. I want to add a kill switch to my 2015 Gibson les paul standard (I know a lot of you hate the 2015 model, so please don't say anything. I want advice, not criticism). All four of the knobs on this guitar are push pull knobs, so would I still wire the kill switch the same as if they weren't push pull, or will that change the way I wire it? Thanks.
That is awesome that all 4 knobs are push pull on it. People pay top dollar for advanced wiring like that and at the same time most people are stuck in the past and new or exciting stuff scares them in experience.

on wiring that intricate try it this way. Focus on the blue wires

just make sure you get the right kind of killswitch. An arcade button style like buckethead uses is your best bet. The cheap chinese ones dont' last. If anything though I'd drill an extra hole in the guitar if the wiring is as intricate as I think it is.
just searched the guitar.
you could make the tone into a master tone and get rid of the bypass switch.

the pickguard idea is really nice on it and a bunch of modernized features to that guitar as well. I'm glad to see Gibson stepping their game up.
Thanks, I'll probably drill a hole into the guitar and put the kill switch in, instead of rewiring the knob
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I'm glad to see Gibson stepping their game up.

I know TS specifically said to not hate on the guitar, but I just cannot read this with a straight face. I'm sorry.
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