Hey guys!

Long time, no see. Been hard at work (or hardly working, not sure) for some time, not having time to tab things out. We released our first album in august, and after playing a bunch of shows, we are back at writing new material.

Here is some new material.

It's still a work in progress, having writting a minute or so of music at this point. I'd like input on where to go next, along with what you think about what I have this far. Drums and bass are subject to change, given that our bass player and drummer will have their say when the time comes (drums are written as closely to his playstyle as I could, though).

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Chris / Pigeon Lake
I dug the intro, sounded like Obscura-lite crossed with Dissection.

Rest, sounds fine, but needs some kind of interlinking melody/harmony to tie it together.

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