I've been attempting to learn how to sing and play the guitar at the same time, and have found myself in a bit of a rut.

The song in particular is Hey There Delilah, and I've found lyrics with the chords with them, where they change. I've read and seen that I should do a simple strumming pattern when I see a chord change while I sing it, but as some of you will know, Hey There Delilah is finger picked, which doesn't allow me to try this method. I am also rather new at the guitar, but have picked up this song with ease.

I'd appreciate any tips and advice! I'm new to the forum so I can't wait to see what you guys got!
Some of the best advice I heard on the subject was to make sure you know either the guitar or the singing well enough that you don't have to think about doing it at all, then try adding the other half over it. That way you're basically freeing your brain from having to deal with half of the work.

Another thing to do is to look for where the guitar part changes at the same time as the vocals, so where a chord change happens in conjunction with a stressed beat in the vocals or whatever. With this the thing is to try and make sure you aim to have those two things happen at the same time so the parts stay synchronised. This is more helpful once you've got either part down or you've got both parts almost there and it needs a bit of work or whatever.

All three of these kind of tie together, the simple strumming idea is basically a more specific extension of making sure that you get the changes in the right place, and also you can use it as a way of making sure you know the vocals before you start to complicate the guitar part: you're not supposed to stick with the simple chord strumming, the idea is that you get the basic framework of the song down and in your head before you have to worry about the physical process of playing the full guitar part. Also it means that if you really need to you can get a basic version of the song that's going to be recognisable and harmonically right down if you need to play it sooner than you can learn the full thing, say for a gig or something.
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