All the tabs are blocked by copyright; I'm assuming by the band as they sell their own tab books. Does anyone have some guitar pro files though that they downloaded prior to the take down of their songs (specifically Spoils)?

I prefer learning songs in guitar pro as it's a lot quicker to learn than text based tabs. Need to learn Spoils in the next week for a gig I'm filling in for the lead guitarist; so would really appreciate it if someone could upload it on dropbox or such. Any other tabs in Guitar Pro format are appreciated too! I have Without Prejudice, Sequoia Throne, Palms Read, Mist and Yellow teeth which I'm happy to share if anyone wants them.

I have the text tab but will be able to learn it a lot quicker with the guitar pro tab. Cheers
I have the song your looking for on my computer, i could send you some other PTH tabs too if you want. Give me your email and i'll send them to you
Cool thanks marcus I sent you a message. As I said I'm happy to share the tabs I have with anyone that wants them still.

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I honestly can't believe they did this....their tab books for fortress are a joke or I'd understand, but even if you pay for, you sure aren't learning the songs from it. Lost my respect PTH.

Yeah it does seem stupid on their part as they aren't that big and people playing their stuff would give them more exposure. Maybe it's their management? They made their last record through crowd funding so I'm guessing that's it?
Guys, I just want to let you know that this was UG's fault, and not PTH. From Tim's ask.fm

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So here's the story and I've seen it's caused quite a fuss. I contacted Ultimate Guitar to let them know about Sheet Happens and that we own the sheet publishing rights to all the PTH material. I told them I like and have used their site and would like to find out a way we can work together even offered our official tabs. I did not ask to have the tabs removed. I got a response from their lawyer who was under the impression this was covered in our Sony/ATV publishing deal which it wasn't. What many people don't know is UG has liscenses with according to this lawyer "thousands of publishers" who own the rights to the sheet music that is available on the site. Many bands sign this away without thinking or knowing about it I'm sure. After I let him know that Sony didn't have print rights to our catalogue, all the songs disappeared from the site. I followed up and told him this wasn't the intent of me contacting them and I would really love to continue to have our music available on the site. To this I got a response that kind of looked like a stock reply saying the tabs were taken down and this should resolve the issue. I don't want to draw out this answer but wanted to clarify that this was never the intention and I'm working to sort it out. If you truly care, you can contact UG and let them know we want our tabs on their site and link them to this. Usually a high demand of angry riffers will do more than me sending emails into a black hole. In the mean time, Sheet Happens has been trying to release more GP files and hope to have all the PTH tabs available on our site very soon.

tl;dr Tim simply tried to make UG aware that they didn't actually have the rights to share these tabs BUT wanted to see what they could do to make things legit. UG responding by removing the tabs and obviously not even bothering to read his messages properly.