Hello everyone I have a question. I got an LTD F-10 and a PRS SE custom 24 (I recently bought it) Concerning my exercises I was considering not using the SE and save it for jamming and recording in order not to apply any kind of overload on it's neck. Would that really do me any good ? or should I just sell the ltd and use the SE all the time ? My trainings usually consist of chromatics, finger strength, sweeping, pull-ofs hammering on , improvisation etc etc
Would that really do me any good ?

No. Its dumb.

Sell the LTD.
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I also have to do that. Cottaging this weekend
I don't really understand.

Why would you not want to have 2 guitars, and why can't you play both? lol

I've got 3 guitars I use pretty much equally for 3 different purposes.

And what do you mean overload on the guitar neck? Guitars are for playing. Most anything you can dish out while playing, a decent guitar will handle. If you're not going to play a guitar and accept it's going to get a little dinged up over time, then there's no point in being a player.

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What is "neck overload"? Just sell the LTD if you dont like it, altough i'd keep it for a backup anyway.

I actually have 2 guitars, one that i have had for a while now, that i really really like, and one that i use for band practice and giging and stuff like that, because i dont care as much if it gets banged up or damaged. But i use the better guitar at home all the time. The instruments are meant to be played, and simply doing excercises on it, doesnt cuase any damage or "neck overload".
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If you decide to sell one and use the other, that guitar is getting all the wear. The only thing you need to worry about is fret wear - not sure why you'd be concerned about neck overload. Not even sure what that is.

I have 9 guitars and I play them all. Some I prefer to use for performing, but I still take them down occasionally and play them at home. Keep both guitars and play 'em.
Stupid question.
I don't even know what "neck overload" is, actually.

I have 1 acoustic and 3 electrics (2 in Standard; 1 in Drop C). I primarily play my Epi Les Paul the most. From exercises, to jamming, and general playing, it's been my main guitar since (almost) the beginning, and there is no "neck overload" to speak of.

If you want to use your SE as your primary playing guitar, go ahead. You can maybe you the LTD as guitar for gigging if you don't want the SE to get knocked around.
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I can only imagine that he meant wearing down the frets with 'neck overload'
And wearing down the frets takes a very very very long time, like thousands of years to wear down wood (look at old furniture )...just clean them up every now and then.

Keep both guitars. Only sell the one if you need the money. You can never have too many guitars. For an example check out this page...the first picture is quite a collection (not mine though)

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