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I do not have cable, so I stream EVERYTHING, and free is better, obviously. I do pay for Netflix and Amazon Prime, and of course if something is really good I will pay the primo price for the HD. The trouble with these services is they are on to us and the streaming content is a moving target, especially free stuff.

I feel like this is the future and cable is dead. It's not the 1980's anymore, but cable companies are fighting like Hell to stay alive. I can't blame them, really, but that's their problem. My problem is staying entertained for as cheap as possible because money is better spent on fermented beverages.

If you catch something good, then share it.

I like dramas mostly, but they are high production cost, and all suffer the same fate of descending into soap operas at some point (or ending like The Wire). Here's what I've watched before. Some or all of it requires you to pay for it when once it was free.

The Wire was a great show, and Treme was a good follow-up by the same people, great music in that one!

I've watched Tudors, Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, all good shows.

Transparent was one of the best shows ever.

Other than dramas I like "stupid human shows," but I especially Shipping Wars, which is about a bunch of truckers shipping weird stuff across the US. It was light-hearted, humorous, probably fake as Hell, but I don't care!

I like my reality TV to focus on people who know a lot about something, but have a total lack of interpersonal skills. Gordon Ramsay is the man!! He's a total dick, I love that guy.

I'll even pay for the good stuff: Better Call Saul, bought it!!

As much as I like inane stupidity like "Pawn Stars" I refuse to pay for that. I have seen enough depressing documentaries (on Netflix). Yes, the world is ****ed. Our food is poison grown on land that we trashed and it's destroying our environment, and the clothes we wear are made by miserable children in sweat shops.

I know all of that stuff and can't really do jack about it anyway, so I'm done with that. Gone are the days when Netflix had MOVIES, and what is a "flick" anyway, but a movie?

How is "flix" a bunch of horrible movies about seal clubbing and human tragedy?!

It's getting harder every day, people. So what do you like? Why?
I use Netflix because my brother pays for it and if I miss something on cable or want to watch something not available I use just use primewire. I don't need everything in 1,000,000k and with big shows like TWD there's aways and HD stream available within 30 minutes after it airs.

I don't feel bad about it. I used to illegally download music for years. And then spotify came out and I can find any artist I want to on it for free legally. Maybe 10 years from now there will be a tv/film version.
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I guess what I'm saying is do you have any shows you like?

I watched my way through, United States of Tara. That was worth wasting a few nights of my life.

Five years ago there was a TV/film version, but the more people get into this the more the corporate greed monsters want to squeeze us, so basically when I was early to the party I could watch basically anything, except a movie that came out last Friday, but now I can't even watch, like, f*cking MATLOCK!!!

Their like, "download Matlock, $3.99 per episode!"

..not that I've tried Matlock, but that's how it's gotten now. Even old crap isn't available, let alone much that's good.

Of course I can always go to Netflix and learn how quickly whales are going extinct, or I can watch rich people travel. Yay!