Hi everyone,

Sorry to add to the "Is this trade worth it" category, but I have an offer on the table and I don't know if it's worth it...

I have a MIM Telecaster in excellent condition that someone is willing to offer a 80's Fender Twin...

Here are the links:

80' Fender The Twin

MIM Fender Telecaster Guitar

My only concern is the broken reverb pot... Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
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yes that would be a great deal for you. not so sure that the seller would go for it based on his wants. the reverb knob isn't that big of a deal and a fairly easy fix
so long as you have a good amp tech to fix it or could do so yourself, and also that the pot is the only thing wrong with it, then it's a great deal.
Looks like a "Red Knob" with the knobs changed. It is a pretty nice amp worth $400-$500 in good condition. It should not be confused with the classic Blackface Twin Reverb.

Pluses > Good bold clean tone, takes pedals well, reliable, loud as hell.
Minuses > Sucky OD tone, heavy as hell.
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if he takes it, go for it. they aren't as nice as a blackface or silverface, but not bad amps.
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