Hi forums

I have an explorer. The strap peg on the neck side is in an inward curve, so the strap falls off if the guitar is raised vertically and every method of strap lock I've tried has gradually unscrewed the peg with the movement of the guitar. I've gotten so sick of it that I'm just going to put a fisheye hook in that side.

However, I don't see the need to replace the bottom peg with a fisheye. No problems with that one. So heres my question- where can you buy straps made for fisheye hooks, and, if possible, a clip on one side and a normal end on the other? It sounds like it might be a custom job but I've contacted a few places and no-one is willing to do it- a shame, because Couch's seatbelt straps look really nice.

And to make it even more specific, no leather on the normal side.

Is this a hopeless cause? Could I modify an existing strap to fit? I don't want to just hook a lanyard through a normal strap hole, that would rip it pretty quickly.

Any ideas?
If your straplocks are coming out of the guitar then you have a structural issue that I would not trust a hook to fix. You need to shim and/or plug the button hole so that the lock (of whatever type you choose) stays anchored properly.

If you still insist on a fisheye hook, I'd use something like a carabiner on the top side to attach the hook to the strap, so that you could use nearly any strap. I have never seen such a thing as a strap made for a fisheye hook, I think you are going to need to furnish your own connector for that end.
if the straplocks are coming off, you are doing it wrong.

when i install straplocks, i take a tooth pick and shove it in the hole with a little bit of glue, then screw in the peg. it will stay.
I've done that before.

The peg rests in a place that doesn't allow anything flat to lie over it, so washer type straplocks are out. Because the strap comes off at an angle after attaching to the peg, other straplocks tend to stick out too much and give it too much leverage to unscrew itself. It's been repaired before and it still does it.

I'm pretty set on a fisheye at this point though, I can't imagine any lock would be more secure than that, and it also looks like it allows for a greater range of movement.