Hi all, I'm having trouble figuring this one out and maybe one of you can help me.

I think I may be having trouble projecting... because every time I sing with a friend, it feels like he can get louder than me.

Me and him have different ranges. I'll try to explain the best way I can. His G4 is the equivalent of my C#4.
Now, I don't think of my C#4 as a bassy high note. It really does feel and sound like the equivalent of his G4

Yet, when he hits his C#4, and I hit mine, I've got to get a good amount of air and really strive for that note. When I hit that note with him, it feels like I should be louder than him, yet, I am not. And its his lower note, but I'm not louder.

Is it maybe because he uses his chest voice a lot? which I've heard isn't good to do when going for the higher notes.

Anyway, what are some good tips for projecting even better. I think I do pretty fine as of already. I never strain, and I know I can get loud. But, just not as loud as him.