Hello I'm looking compact real spring reverb whats gives me big field sounding reverb.
I have watched demos.
I don't like Carl Martin Headroom Spring Reverb Pedal not roomy enough.
MOD Kits DIY - Wave Tube Spring Reverb sounds great.

If there is great alternatives to real spring I may be buy that.
I have looked Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Plus.
Wait, do you want a tank, a pedal, or something else? Or anything that gives you a nice sound?

I've been told the Hall of Fame by TC Electronic is great, sounds good from what I've heard. Check it out, it can save you some money.
Guyatone makes a great tube reverb tank
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The Eventide Harmonizer is an awesome unit with a digital plate reverb, but it's probably not in your budget. I use one here and love it.
I'm looking compact tank like Van Amps Sole-Mate
or small rack unit with real springs.

If the effects with real springs are too expensive for me
then i'm getting best stompbox for me from best ones .
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