I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right area or not, but I was curious how to get this sort of vocal effect/sound in a mix:


A lot of their other songs have the same thing going on.

I get that he's singing low notes and stuff, but I'm more interested in what kind of EQ, compression, or reverb something like that would utilize to create.

Does anyone know or have any suggestions? I'd like to try the same thing with my recordings.
Sounds to me like there's a few layers of vocals (especially in the hook you can hear higher parts mixed really quietly in the background). It also sounds like there's just the TINIEST bit of dirt added to his voice, as well as maybe a cut in the low frequencies to give it more of that 'radio' sound.
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Cool, that's kind of what I was looking for. I'm still trying to figure out how to accurately layer vocals and make them blend well together, but I'd love to get a vocal tone like these guys are doing.

Thanks for the comment.
Doesn't seem like a weird production to me, several layers of vocals, I could discern something low going on and a the main vocal. I think there was some mild chorus on the main vox but the usual suspects, eq and compression. My guess would be that they used a pencil condenser on the main vocal, it just seemed kinda smaller than usual.

Honestly, that was actually a pretty weak vocal performance. I'd shoot for something better.