Hi people just found the site while serching for some info on an LP i am thinking of adding to my collection ,
personal is Paul married grown up kids
just started to get back in to playing , not so easy as fingers dont want to do what i want them to , due to arthritus after an accident and spinal op but ill get there
i have a small collection of electrics and 1 acoustic
i have a 3/4 Encor single Entwistle Darkstar fitted
A 97 and 04 Strats with Wilkinsons
A 1982 Squire 20 Anniversary with Lace ALNiCO V s
A Jim Deacon with Warman hi gain 6
A Humingbird with pair of Wilkinsons
2 Strat copys both sound nice 1 with Warman Texas triple hots the other has the 97s in it
And a Stagg accoustic
Have a couple of practice amps and a Marshall MG100HDFX through a Marshall 1960A cab

Nice collection too.
A poem.
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