I could only stand about 20 seconds of that, but it's definitely D minor.

edit: I didn't mean to be rude about your taste in music. I hate it when people do that, so I try not to. I just really dislike that style of metal.
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sounds like wankery to me. sure it's fast and probably difficult, and I guess it fits the song well, but that's what I don't like about it. I've been there and done that on the speed chasing. I do still enjoy fast licks when they're used well, and I've been guilty of just running through scales and arpeggios and sweep picking as fast as I can, but I prefer something that's phrased well. And for some reason, even when I was super into metal (I still like some of it, just not like I used to) I never did care for bands like Job For A Cowboy, I don't know what is about bands like that, but they just seem... idk, not my style.

There I go sounding like a pretentious bastard again. I try not to be like that, even though I know on the inside I'm pretentious as hell. That's just part of being a musician, or anyone that likes music, right?
Whatever floats your boat. And yeah, I agree that that solo is just a shred solo with not that much phrasing, but there are some pretty emotional solos on that album. And I don't like Job For A Cowboy's older stuff for the same reason you don't like this song but in my opinion their last two albums, Demonocracy and Sun Eater, are much more emotional and melodic than their older stuff.

And you do sound pretentious but that's ight. If people who liked music weren't pretentious, we would all be listening to 1D or some shit like that, lol.
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we would all be listening to 1D or some shit like that, lol.

We miss you Zayne

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Lol. Listen to the solo 30 seconds in though. It's pretty sick

That was most certainly not a sick solo.
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