mh 50
mh 327

Both are advertised as having floyd rose special bridges, but the MH 50 one has an ESP logo while the MH 327 has the floyd rose logo.

Are they the same type of floyd rose? Will these floyd roses be better than licesned jackson ones?

Are the craftmanship about the same, and im basically paying more for a neck thru, seymour duncan pickups, and 27 frets or is the mh 50 worse in quality and less playable with the floyd being worse? What im really looking for is the floyd rose being decent to good.

I already have a ESP LTD EC les paul that i play, im just looking to get a floyd rose equipped guitar that ill use like 30 % of the time. Im mostly looking at ESP
s since i love the XJ frets and the thin U profile and the narrower nut width. How well the floyd rose plays will be very important to me. I used to have a Jackson DK2M, how will these compare? I sold it as i didn't like the neck profile and smaller frets.

If not for these two guitars, could you guys recommend me an inexpensive ESP LTD superstrats with floyd rose bridge with passive pickups?
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if you like narrow neck avoid 10 to 50 series, necks are like a tree trunk. The 300's are very nice. You're paying more money for less wood. And it matters.
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the 327 is mahogany vs the 50 basswood. obviously the pickups are way better in the 327 and yes you are paying more for the neck thru and the 27 frets. the 327 is the better guitar however that's not to say that the 50 wouldn't be just fine.
For that price you can hunt down a used 1000 series LTD that will be far better than those. As for the passive pups you can always sell the EMGs and do a swap if you feel comfortable with it.
I found you some examples and I'm sure you can get them cheaper if you dig further especially on the Guitar Center site.

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Pretty sure the 50 is a licensed floyd. The 327 is a floyd special though and I've heard those are decent. Definately much better than the licensed. (I honestly only have experience with the 1000 series Floyds.) From what I'm seeing you're getting better woods, better pickups, better bridge...Tuner's may be the same. But you work more with the fine tuners anyways. But at $749 you can get better guitars that are brand new as well. What sounds are you going for? Name some bands.
at that budget with a trem i would find a used ibanez prestige and put whatever pickups you want in there. the trems on the prestige are nicer than 1000 series floyds. however the necks are quite different

just my $.02