Hey I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on controlling a fender deluxe better in general. I get nice tones out of it but I don't usually even bring it past 2 and I want to be able to push the tubes more.
Also, I've heard a lot of people saying the drive channel on the amp is too harsh. I find the same, but I do like just the "drive" channel. The "more drive" is too harsh. Is there any way of controlling the drive channel better at all? Cause I'd like to be able to use the footswitch more. I have an mxr distortion 3 in the FX loop (Which, if you know of it, is practically an overdrive, which I like) I can barely crank the distortion though.
At practice I can push the amp and the distortion a little more but I'd like to keep the volumes cranked a little more without it being ear piercing. Let me know if you have any suggestions!
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Do you mean a Hot Rod Deluxe? They have preamp/master volume controls. Turn the preamp control up and the master down.

Put the distortion in front of the amp. With the distortion in the FX loop, you're just driving the power amp tubes harder. You probably want to drive the preamps harder.

Also, try using a volume pedal in the effects loop. That will cut the master volume and you can continue cranking the preamps.
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The way to "push the tubes more" would be to turn the volume higher.

What do you want exactly, sound-wise?
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Put your distortion or OD pedal between guitar and input. Put a volume pedal or simple line level rheostat in the effects loop. When running very low volumes, increase the bass setting to compensate for Fletcher-Munson curve.

I gigged with a HRD for 5 years and really loved that amp. I never found decent tone from the drive channel though. Ignore. My favorite OD pedal was a TS9 for 70s classic rock/blues tone.
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Unless that's a modern HRD I'd say replace the volume pots with logarithmic versions. The earlier versions had linear volume pots which basically gave max volume at like 2-3 on the dial. A simple volume control in the FX loop is also effective.
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