Just listened to Devotion and Doubt and really want to play this song. I quick tried to have it tabbed on Chordify.net which was kind of helpful but a lot of the chords are flat. I tuned the guitar a half step down so that I can just play open chord shapes instead of figure out A flat, E flat, B flat and D flat. I just hit a snag when I need to play what is listed as a C minor chord. It just doesn't sound right when I play the normal chord shape. I also think that choridfy isn't picking up on chords as much as it is picking up on individual embellishments Buckner adds. Anyway, if anyone can help me out with this is greatly appreciated.

I can't figure out how to embed a video on this particular forum, so here's a link to the song:

Lil Wallet Picture
hey nice one don for the capo chart sometimes i get messed up figuring chords out when the capos on this will come in well handy, thx
Thanks for all the replies Don. And the capo chart will be a big help. I have noticed that chordify puts the chords in the wrong positions sometimes so I often listen to the song and mark where chordify has the chord change vs. when I actually hear the change. I'm still working it out when I have time, but often tabbing chords falls low on my priority list since I'm in grad school and everything right now. But I will post it when i get it! THanks again!
Also that other video of him playing the song is not properly labeled; this isn't the song he is playing in that video. I was trying to do that as well and then realized none of the lyrics match the song. I had tossed it up to him often playing extremely intoxicated but the only comment on the live video also states he's not playing Lil Wallet Picture
Yeah please, at least for this one. The capo chart was a big help so I think I could probably get it eventually, it'd just take a really long time to get it submitted with other things I have right now