I have a couple of guitars that I have been fighting to get setup and I am wondering if you guys might have some advice. I have an Ibanez ART320 (It's scale length is 24 and 3/4). I am tuning in Drop-C and I have 11-54's on it. I can get all the strings intonated except for the 6th (low) C string. It's sharp @ the 12th fret but I am at the very end of the saddle so I can't go back any further. I also have a bass guitar that I am setting up that has the same problem. Am I trying to use to heavy of a guage? Too light? Neck relief looks good so I am a bit lost.

before you say "go get it professionally setup" I WILL. I just prefer to be ABLE to do these by myself and before going to drop-c I never had an issue. Even WITH the Floyd (which can be quite trying). haha..

Sorry if this is the wrong area of the site to post too..

Thanks in advance..
Weird, i have the same bridge on my SZ320, and it intonates well in dropC with exactly the same gauge of strings... Maybe try to move the saddle completely back to the front again, and then slowly move it back. Maybe you will hit a spot where its intonated correctly somewhere in between. I know it doesnt really make sense, but it worked for me more than once.
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Just thinking, 54 for C on a 24,75" scale length might be a little light. Not sure if that can be serious enough to cause intonation issues, but I've generally seen 56+ gauges used for C (and on 25,5"+ scale lengths). Do you have a possibility to check with a heavier string and see if the problem persists?
^ I use 10-52 for drop C on a G400 and no real issues with tension at all.

I agree try flipping the bridge
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Quote by surjer
Hmm, not sure but that is a great idea. I think my buddy did that on his lp.. Will check it out. Thanks man..

Nah, its fine.
Its a common solution to that sort of problem. Particularly on a TOM bridge. Dunno about yours though.
May not solve the problem, but its easy to do and easy to flip back.
And as said above, flipping the bridge is another option.