What do you guys think should be the headliner, filler bands, and opener for this years Summer Slaughter, I though last year was kinda a disappointment, but what do you guys have to say?
I have never been to a festival where I felt anything about the lineup was "good."

In my experience they've always piled actual metal and thrash bands, which can work, with Numetal garbage!!

A typical lineup will go something like:

Avenged Sevenfold
Coal Chamber

I just feel like those crowds do not get along, should not be expected to. Sure it's good to get the newer fans into the classic bands, or the heavier extreme metal shit, but expecting a Deicide crowd, for example, to play nice with some little suburban pubescent kids is not fair to anyone!!

..well, except the promoters, lol.

I always felt bad for those poor kids, I mean a band like Carcass or Suffocation, that's some serious death metal shit right there! I'd think twice about entering the bit on those bands.

Some kids' $5000 orthodontics is going to get messed up at a show like that.

Not cool.

Plus it's always too hot to enjoy anything at a festival anyway. Last one I went to I was the only one who thought to turn around and face the sun between sets!! Holy crap, think about a hamburger sitting on a barbecue all damn day, you want to burn to a crisp on one side?

Festivals suck, except apparently in Europe where they actually know what the **** a metal band is!!

Even then sometimes it seems they end up with some squirrely shit on the bill.