I was wondering if someone might be helpful enough to work out the changes in this tune for me?
Foolishly I made the assumption that it would be pretty straight forward, only to discover that there seems to be quite a bit more to it? idk??

I am trying to construct an acoustic "fan" type version of it.

I get the feeling there might be something like substitute dominants (or whatever?) in between things and/or extended chords, as like with the Am7-D7 parts? Those chords alone just don't seem to sound full enough (like the Am7 needs the 6th included - but how?). Not a style I am familiar with and it's leaving me feeling baffled???...

Yes I am somewhat aware that the overall collection of various instruments probably contribute to the overall sound/texture, but if anyone familiar with the style, would suggest the most appropriate chords/progression to replicate the sound/style (well as close as possible?), would be a great step in helping me with constructing my little busker/fan type version of it. Sheesh, talk about simplicity at it's best!

I have included my acoustic versions' beginning, just as a reference to illustrate what I am trying to achieve as the final result.
1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & | 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & |

1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & | 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & |
Sons of the west...

1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & | 1 & 2 e & a 3 & 4 & |
Red White and Blue...

Am7 D7
We come out snarling,
Am7 D7 G
Bulldogs through and through...
G     D      G
Sons of the West
(G) E7 D
Red,white and blue
Am7 D7
We come out snarling
Am7 D7 G
Bulldogs through and through

Bulldogs bite and bulldogs roar
We give our very best
But you can't beat the boys
of the Bulldog breed
We're the team of the mighty West

Thanks kindly in advance!!
^ just thought I'd mention that I did provide a youtube link at the top of my post, in the spoiler labelled "audio".
I am preferring to assume that the youtube link doesn't work depending on your geographical location, I tried to youtube Ozzy Osbourne's Ultimate Sin track last week and youtube said "sorry this video is no longer accessible in your country" or something like that?
For those who may have considered offering some help but encountered this problem, can I suggest to google "Aussie Rules Theme Songs, Australian Rules Western Bulldogs theme song" or something similar, the song is under 2 minutes long.
Bumpity bump?!!
Lol, I think my neighbour used to play for the doggies!
Here's the first part for you mate:

Ab Eb/Bb Ab
Sons of the West

Ab F7b13 Gb7
Red,white and blue

We come out snarling

DbMaj7/Ab Ab DbMaj7/Ab
Bulldogs through and through

Have fun working out the rest!
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Hey thanks so much GoldenGuitar, be interesting to see how these sound when I get near a guitar, flat 13... wouldn't have picked it???
Actually what exactly do you call this style of music anyway... Barbershop??
CARN the doggies!!! haha!! thanks again for your help... Gentleman!
It sounds more marching band-esq than barber shop. AND haha yep, CARN the doggies!!!
This is some weird Australian stuff right now.
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