i just recently started posting cover songs on youtube. I play acoustic guitar and sing. I am only doing it in hope to grow in all areas of guitar playin, vocals and performing. i need people to watch them each week and tell me what to do to improve or make something cooler. send me vids of a riff to add in but make sure that you explain it clear an slow. You will get to be like all you fav coaches on thr voice or idol give me things to try, tell me when thing are good and not so much. I need a lot of work but I will work hard to earn you views. I do songs that tell my story in genres of country, rock, christian and folk. there are a few pop songs and maybe some other things once in a while. I am trying to find my niche plus these are my favs. i do not normally do the hit songs i do the songs that I am attached to and feel it should be heard. i need support and Tons of advice. the goal of this project is to improve to grow, to emote, energize,tell the story, make someone feel what i am feelin, and to eventually go busking lol. will you guys help me I know you know guitar.Kayanna

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