Just bought a Dimarzio Super Distortion to put in my Charvel. It has three wires: white black and bare. My current humbucker has white, black and red going to the 5 way switch and green and bare going to the volume pot. How would I go about swapping these?
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Use the white to go to the switch, twist black and bare together and solder those to ground. i'm 90% sure that's how it goes in those old dimarzios. if it's out of phase , switch it so white goes ground and black goes hot.
you bought it used i guess?

a bare wire isn't really a "wire".

so you'll have better luck googling
old 2-wire dimarzio pickups.

and with dimarzio, like said, i believe the White is hot.

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Thanks both of you. And yes white was hot. I ended up dropping the 5 way switch and getting a 3 way instead since the pickup isn't set up for coil tapping. Installed perfectly after that