Me and AA go back a few years and I know he likes some of my vocals/tracks and I recently posted a quick instrumental demo of my new Vox VT20+ and Squier Bullet HSS.This track uses both and I also used it for the bass(Yamaha RBX170.Absolute bargain).It's a bit dark but what the hell....


Not a ,"Happy Bunny" song
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I may have mentioned years ago I play a Yamaha RBX260 electric bass (actually my wife's, but she played it maybe twice). I like it a lot except I sometimes get slight open fret buzz. Your tune: initially the beat seems odd, but feels more natural as it progresses. I think your singing works best on the higher notes on this particular song; your vocals are fine. Nice guitar work. Drums, bass & synth are good. Nice audio quality & song. I believe you WILL see those again that have passed on. I've known some people that have had near death experiences. When my wife's grandmother was giving birth to my mother-in-law, it was going so badly, they were contemplating cutting the baby into pieces to get her out. At one point my wife's grandmother was technically dead during this ordeal. When she was temporarily dead, her spirit left her body, and she was hovering above her dead body watching the doctors and nurses working on her. The medical staff brought her back to life. Afterwards, she was able to recount what the doctors and nurses were doing when they were trying to revive her, while she was dead. The medical staff was astonished that what she correct. Feel free to send me a private message if you want to talk about this topic some more.
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