So I'm looking at buying an ESP LTD V-300 on CL and they're only asking $150. So I of course am looking at selling my MiM Strat to a local guitar store for the quick cash to buy it. So I'm wondering if any of you have anything in particular to look for in this guitar to see if it's real or fake. Should be able to show you pics soon. Will keep you posted.
Proably not fake. there's not much profit in faking an import guitar like that. it's the end of the month, he probably needs rent money. jump on it. but don't sell your mim strat for half of what it's worth or anything, be patient and squeeze as much bang out of your dollars as you can!
Maybe I'll try to get a loan from a friend or parents or something. I've seen fake LTDs though so it scares me. lol
Probably not fake but pics out of curiosity...
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