I am recording some metal stuff at home and was wondering if it would be worth buying a line 6 pod, or just stick to Amp vsts and impulses.

I'm finding the amp sims really scratchy and extremely gain-y no matter what i try and im thinking they are a weak point in my mixes. Ive tried poulins stuff, Amplitude, the revalver demo, as well as 1000 cabinet impulses and im just never really happy.

Of course i would like an axe-fx or palmer or even the eleven rack, but they are all quite pricey. Is a PODXT or 2.0 worth the purchase? I record everything from death metal to proggy djenty stuff to deathcore etc.

anyone here use a line 6 pod and get good results? or should i keep plugging away at the free amp sims.

I usually record into my firepod DI and then do all my amping from there, so i would probably be reamping into the pod.

Thanks in advance guys!
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I'm not a,"Metal" guitarist/recorder so can't help you there but what I can tell you is that bang-for-buck the Line6 GX is a bargain.I've had mine for over 5 years and it's been bashed to F**K on the floor and still going strong.Great DSP and Podfarm software is solid and works.
If mine ever stopped working I'd be on the ,"Tinternet" imede and buy another to replace it.
When it comes to,"Metal" you need to read all the good places to get,"Their" tricks on how to get the sound recorded,but that's the same for any genre.

Making the sound ain't the same as recording it!
Yeah i mean im not necessarily new to recording, i just feel that the amp sims are kinda weighing me down. unless im missing something. Recording my 6505+ has always yielded the best results, but i cant always do that unfortunately.
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I say try Bias desktop. I think it is better then most of the line 6 stuff. That being said I do have a POD HD500x and I can get some good tones out of it, but just about and decent tube amp will kill it sound wise. My Axe Fx 2 kills any plug in or Line 6 gear I have ever played though.
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Yeah i mean im not necessarily new to recording, i just feel that the amp sims are kinda weighing me down. unless im missing something. Recording my 6505+ has always yielded the best results, but i cant always do that unfortunately.

You aren't missing a thing.Sometimes too many options stop us doing
Get drunk.Record something
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Record a real amp. Invest in a reamp box, then just crank it when your tracks are ready.
That's what I do and I use a hybrid approach when tracking, usually DI with Sims or multifx but for the final product I almost always go back to revamping.

The closest I've gotten to the real thing is Studio One Ampire with cabinet Sim, Kathalen or something like that on 1960 cab impulses.
I think im gonna grab a Pod HD Pro X once i have some extra cash. Anyone here ever use one?
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The amp sims aren't weighing you down.
It may be the impulses you're using.
Look for LolzGreg ASEM recto impulse, super super good impulse.
This chain should work straight off the bat
TSE 808 > Lecto > LolzGreg
Tweak and you can achieve great results.

Some peoples workflow doesn't work best with sims, but this is the individual making the sim not work, not the other way around.

Both my recorded tones & Sim tones fit and are dope, both systems can do the same things, just different flavours.
Real amp is always funner/more creative, at least for me, as more variables are involved.
Could i hear some examples of your stuff? Just curious haha. Ill check out that impulse too.
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Like JosephFeagin8 said, try the Bias Desktop software, or EZ mix 2 - Metal Guitar Gods 1/2, both are really good. Also, try putting a low pass filter, it helps out by removing a lot of the "fizz" in a mix. Running a high pass filter to remove unnecessary low-end frequencies and running a low pass allows the mids to sit well in the mix, so that accentuates the main guitar tones (in the mids), so that's a pretty good technique to remove the grainy thin sound of amp sims.
If you experiment enough with amp sims, then you should be able to get a pretty decent tone. It's important to find a good impulse though. Without a good impulse, there isn't really a chance to get a good tone. I have quite a few amp sim demos on my YouTube channel if you want examples. www.youtube.com/jwg1994
It's possible to get great tones using free Amp Sims as well as Podfarm, Joey Sturgis records a lot of his guitar tones in Podfarm

Here's a tutorial video I actually just made yesterday on how to get studio quality tones from Amp Sims using TSE Audio, Podfarm and Poulin haha

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