Hey Everyone,

Wondering if anyone had any tips on finger picking and singing at the same time? I'm finding it very difficult to do both at the same time smoothly... I have a song already known and I am able to play it well on my guitar and also have the lyrics memorized, but I cannot combine the two... Any tips are appreciated!
Well one bit of advice I can give is just to keep practicing at it because (at least for me) it takes a lot of time playing before I get it down. You could also try to play along with the song and see what parts you struggle with to know where to focus more of your efforts. Or you could play with a metronome so won't or at least will notice if you are getting off tempo while you sing.
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It is much easier to sing when the guitar part contains the melody or at least rhythmically matches up. Start by seeing how well those two things line up and take it from there.
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It just takes practice. Maybe start on something simpler. I think the first song I ever tried to finger pick and sing was Harry Chapin's "Taxi". Then "Cat's in the Cradle". Tough songs to do, I could usually get most songs ready to go in a week or less, Taxi took me a couple of months. I could play or sing it, but not both at one time.

After a while you start getting more comfortable with it, but just starting out it's tough and takes time and practice. If I had to do it all over again I'd start with a simpler song. One thing I did was start trying to do a lot of the songs I already knew by finger picking. I'd still use a pick when playing them for an audience, but for practicing at home I'd try to finger pick. That wasn't easy, I wasn't good at finger picking to begin with but I got better at both along the way. I started finger picking leads a few years later, but that's a different story...

Pick out some fairly simple songs and start finger picking on those, whether they originally use a pick or not. With some practice it gets easier.
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Two methods that work for me.

1. Slow it down. A LOT! Work out what syllable you are singing and what string you're plucking at various points where you get stuck. Play it and sing it at a slow tempo. Just like learning a song, slowing it down helps a lot.

2. Tonnes of practice. You'll get to a point where your fingers play the piece on autopilot. But I've found that can take a while!