For Fans of Thy Art Is Murder, Dying Fetus, Whitechapel, Blood Red Throne and Gojira. In 2014 we released our EP I, Dominus and would love to hear some feedback. You'll never get better at anything if everyone tells you its good and i fear our close friends are just saying its good to avoid causing us some butthurt.

Anavar, for anyone wondering is an anabolic steriod. Its common popular opinion that steriods make you crazy angry just like heavy metal does. Also, my brother and i (bass/guitars) were sick of never having any decent gym music so we recorded our own as a joke. turned out half decent so we started taking it seriously. 1 of our songs feature guest vocals and guitar solo from Nish and Michael of Xenobiotic. Enjoy!


A link to our band camp were our EP is for free download

Youtube Link to stream our EP

Bass/Guitar Play through

Live video footage compilation

Lyric video

Live shot of us (and me, bass) opening for Capture The Crowns Unwelcome home tour early this month.