I am a big Pink Floyd fan. When I started playing the guitar 3 years ago the first song I played was Wish you were here because it is an easy one.

Now that I have my own home studio I decided to record a new version that would be closer to the original. So I played it using:
- Martin DRS1
- Guild F1512e (12 strings)
- Nord Electro 4 (bass, piano and brass sounds)
- Roland drums

I also sang the vocals, and asked a friend who is a very good lead guitar player to record the solos for me. I only played the very first one on the acoustic.

Hope you'll enjoy it. I'd like to hear what you think about this cover.

Wow, this is really great! The only real critique I have is that maybe the vocals are just a tiny bit quiet, but even then that's not really an issue, since the mix is done so well that they're still really clear. Other than that, this is really fantastic!
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