I've played an acoustic 6 string guitar for about 7 years, now I'm thinking about buying a 12 string acoustic guitar. I was just wondering if it's easy to play songs by artists like Taylor Swift, John Mayer and Ed sheeran?
I mostly play along to their music and don't want to buy a 12 string guitar and then realise I can't play along with these songs without making it sound weird lol. Also, is a 12 string guitar really worth the money?
Taylor Swift only knows 3 chords, so yeah that would be easy enough to play on a 6, 12, even 18 string guitar. (And yes, there is such a thing, google it).

I enjoy the 12 string quite a bit. But, I've been around since they were really in style. Heck, even the Who's Pete Townshend played one, once upon a time.

The only person who can answer if it's worth owning a 12 string is you. If you're used to an electric, they are a bee-atch to play.

I have 3 12 strings now, and have had three others in the past.
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A lot of Ed Sheeran's stuff won't really work on a 12 string guitar, unless you significantly rework the songs.

That being said, a 12 string guitar is still beautiful sounding.
My God, it's full of stars!