Dr z z28 blues rock um for budget I probably wouldnt pay more than 400 dollars for a guitar pickup
JB typically matches well with strat pickups. It's louder, but that's sort of the point, and it sounds quite a bit like a humbucker version of a strat bridge pickup.

SL or 59 will have a better match output-wise but I'm not a huge fan of PAF type pickups in strats, I think they sound wimpy and cold. If you're getting a fatter pickup for the bridge you might as well have more output to go with it. Duncan SH5, 14, 11 are all variations on the 59 but with more output.
What I'm looking for is something that matches the tone and maybe just a tad hotter but pretty much trying to find a humbucker that sounds as close to early 60s strat pickups as possible.
If you want to sound like a 60s strat pickup you need a single coil. If you want it hotter they make those. Same with noise cancelling. There are plenty of great pickups that sound like a slightly hotter, quiet 60s strat pickup and none of them that I've ever played were a humbucker.

None of those humbuckers sound a lot like a strat single coil. The JB sounds nearest to a strat bridge pickup, the rest don't sound remotely close. If you get the JB you can always lower it to drop the output, or get the other two pickups slightly overwound to close the gap.
Ok. I guess what I should say is I'm looking for the tone range similar to these pickups. The Seth Lover has a 6/4/8 treble mid bass. Something like that. That pickup is a little too sharp for my taste though. I want something more warm and punchy. The Duncan distortion is a good example of the tone range I want but its just too hot. The dimarzio at-1 has the presence I'm looking for ( warm a little.punchy) but the tone is more similar to a jb.
What about a HB-sized P90? Or one of the growing number of HBs that are literally made with 2 smaller pickups, for better tones when split?
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I agree, a P-90 would be great. I haven't found a lot of humbuckers that sound warm and punchy in the bridge of a strat without having a fairly high output.

The P-Rails might be worth a look although I'd suggest getting the neck version, the bridge version is too hot to match with single coils and I can't even imagine why they made a "hot" version of the already overpowered bridge pickup.
If you check out the custom winders, you can get a HB-sized Charlie Chtistian. That could work.

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Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

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Dimarzio tone zone is looking good.
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i agree with colin. i work on a MIA strat with a JB in the bridge, and it goes quite well. honestly i have no idea what the neck and middle pickups are, probably stock, but they go together with the JB well.
When you say "match", what do you mean exactly?

Do you want the humbucker to match the output of the singles? Not sure that's going to happen, even with low output paf-type humbuckers.

Do you want to split the humbucker and have its split sound match the output of the single coils? That's much more possible to achieve. You normally want a fairly (but not super) hot humbucker for that to work. a vintage spec 60s single coil is normally around 6k or so I think, so around double that (it's not an exact science, and the resistance isn't the only, or even the main, thing affecting output, it's more a very rough proxy for output) is normally what you want. Duncan JB, one of the Customs, something like that.

problem is that's probably hotter than you'd ideally want for blues rock when in full humbucker mode.

as colin says, virtually everything you do is a compromise when it comes to deciding on pickups- you need to decide what you need and want, what would be nice but not essential, etc. etc.
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