I bought an Ibanez SR405 that came with ibanez DX5 pickups which are fairly terrible. I want to switch to active Bartolinis, which i have played through an SR800 and they sounded great.

As far as i can tell, the DX5s are passive, and the preamp is active. The tone is very flat, extremely quiet, and the low end is extremely overpowering, which is strange because the guitar is all maple.

What should i know about changing the pickups and preamp out? How do i know if the Barts will fit?

I would also consider EMGS, although ive never used them.
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Also, what preamp would i need to get?

would my knob config matter? It has a bass treble stack knob, volume, pickup selector and blend.

Ideally i would like the 3 band EQ from bartolini, but i have no idea what the differences are on their website.
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I recommend a set of Nordstrand Dual Coil 5 w/ Parallel wind with a Delano 3 Band 3MS.


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As for the pre any preamp with a 5 knob layout would work either in v/v or v/bl setup.

EDIT:I forgot to mention that the DX5 are going to limit your choices to those if you want to stick with the stock cavities.
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If you want to switch out your stock pickups with a set of Bartolini pickups, you will almost certainly have to switch out the stock electronics with the proper Bartolini wiring harness. For your Ibanez 5-string bass, I think that you would be looking at Bartolini's MK5-CBC pickups, which take the Bartolini HR-5.2AP/918 wiring kit. It is a pre-wired setup, so you could install it without having to solder up all of the connections.
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After looking into it I think I would be better off selling the bass, buying one with actives and just cutting my losses.

2 Barts would cost $200 +a preamp which is another $200. Then idk if they will fit so i will need someone to cut the guitar...

I would end up with an SR405 that cost me almost $900 dollars...lmao.

I think im just going to resell and looking into a better bass. Maybe a BTB or higher end SR like an 805.
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