The Pine is a California emo band from the late 90's to early 2000's with a heavy DIY approach. Relatively unknown unless you follow underground Emo/Screamo (real screamo, not Hot Topic noise) it makes tabs for their songs basically non existent.

I tried watching what few live videos they have and tried playing along to some of their records but I come up empty. I never really had a knack for figuring songs out but with patience I can get lucky. With The Pine I can't. They have two guitar players and their singer/guitar hardly moves on the fretboard and plays mostly chord shapes but some I do not recognize. The second guitar player uses a lot of harmonic chords and the bass plays a lot of leads actually, may try to figure bass out first...

But if anybody wants a challenge, see if you can figure any of their songs out. Very emotional stuff, very punkish. Check out any of their music on line, releases like: "Days Slipping By," "Lead Blocks for Feet," etc. Good luck and let me know if anybody gets anywhere, thanks!