I love it! You are both talented and very good players. The guitar playing is slightly less clean than the piano but playing that kind of stuff on a folk acoustic sounds really difficult to me.
I think you could improve the audio quality by recording the keyboard using both L and R outputs to get a stereo track that would fill the left and right channels, freeing the center space for the guitar. Hard panning the piano and the guitar like you did makes the overall result sounding 60-ish IMO.
I enjoyed listening to your cover. Congratulations!
If you'd like to, I'd be happy to hear what you think of my covers, too.
Thanks so much for the advice. The direct in for the acoustic isn't too forgiving with mistakes
I hadn't thought about how I mixed it together to much. I might try what you suggest next time.
Send your covers along! I'd like to hear them.
No it doesn't forgive much, which is also what makes your video enjoyable because of your high level as musicians.

If you use a DAW to mix the piano and the guitar, you can also use a little compression and EQ on the guitar to make it sound better.

You can check out my covers on my Youtube channel, for example here's the last one I recorded (using a Martin electric acoustic, like you): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ovc5J4-w5I